For centuries heresy was no laughing matter. This remains true but today’s inquisitors are not scowling clerics ferreting out the latest departures from theological orthodoxy. The current crop of beetle-browed critics are now found in the cancel culture of woke virtue signalers and social justice warriors, some of whom make Torquemada and the fussy Puritans look tame.

The humorless cancel culture inquisitors are calling before the heresy court every form of expression they deem outside the prevailing ideologies regarding gender, race, economic status, ethnicity and all the other divisive categories we are supposed to receive as normative today. This din of renunciation is framed in the usual socialist rhetoric decrying what has been done simply because it has been done, and calling for radical innovation but without knowledge for there are no alternative, substantial theories of culture offered to support these demands. If there were, they would be open to discussion and debate. But no real alternatives are being offered to the amazingly successful civilization we currently inhabit. Instead, our society is filled with rhetoric fueled by the restless, bitter emotions of unease, resentment, unhappiness and intolerance with the way things are coupled with utopian, ‘aspirational’ dreaming for a future no one can describe.

Unable to call people to the higher ground of substantial ideas, rooted in the great traditions of the west, which can be debated, modified and tempered by reason, the new orthodoxies have found their traction in fueling the raw power of resentment’s collective emotion through a platform built on the unachievable and discredited goals of Marxism, disguised as progressivism.

The great repositories of our shared civilization that have preserved what is worth having – family, culture, art, music, religion, history – are being driven underground by the cancel culture, just as they were in the bloody, catastrophic days of the Chinese and Russian Marxist revolutions. And this is no accident since the current crop of culture haters is using the same playbook.

The new inquisitors, perpetually unhappy and dissatisfied with life as it is, and convinced that they hold all the justice and morality cards, are obsessed with finding someone else to blame for the failure of their longed-for Utopian future to arrive. And if you are wondering who that someone might be, it is anyone who does not share their views.

If they have their way, the most determined of them are committed to imposing upon the rest of us their joyless orthodoxy. The wonderful world that they would bring upon us is one that we will not have chosen and will not be allowed to question. I cannot imagine a more intolerant, incoherent and insidiously evil system in which one could be fated to live. But then I don’t have to imagine. The one hundred million who died during the twentieth century, in the name of communism’s righteous inquisition, leave nothing to the imagination.

Published by Pastor Mark Anderson

Lutheran pastor, husband, dad, archaeology nut, serious blues guitarist and aspiring luthier.

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