There was a time when almost everyone I knew could recite at least part of the 23rd Psalm. My Late friend and seminary internship pastor, Carl Lee, called it “The most-believed psalm of all.” Here is what he wrote about this beloved psalm.

Psalm 23

The most-believed psalm of all. Simple language, Simple gifts.

Humble images…profound meanings…

…childlike trust,

…safety and protection

…promise and presence

…surrounding and nurture.

Simple, powerful words of our own experiencing:

…concern and caretaking

…community and communion.

A song that sings about six simple basic daily needs:







Six, short, simple, profound attributes of my life, ending in a doxology of God’s goodness.

Spreading a beautiful banquet table in the midst of my vulnerability. Inviting me to places of rest and refreshment. Simple, essential gifts for my daily journey.

The Lord is my shepherd. I will never be in want.

My deepest needs are met. Besides restful waters I am led.

In the pastures of plenty my soul now lies down.”

from ‘We Worship As We Live: A Devotional Journey Through the Years’, by Pastor Carl Lee

Published by Pastor Mark Anderson

Lutheran pastor, husband, dad, archaeology nut, serious blues guitarist and aspiring luthier.

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