“…the darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

The Temple of Vesta stands in the Roman Forum. The small, circular structure was among the most important buildings in all the Roman empire. A fire was kept burning there, 24 hours a day, for centuries. The keepers of this flame were a small group of women and girls who had been especially chosen. They were housed in a beautiful complex just behind the temple and for thirty years were devoted to this task. As long as the flame burned, Rome would endure.

Today, the flame to which the Romans devoted so much care and attention has been extinguished. The compound of the vestals, and the temple over which they kept watch are in ruins. The Roman empire, seemingly destined to endure forever, is gone.

Christians, too, have a light which requires our attention. That light is the message of the Gospel, the Good News. From generation to generation the Church is mandated to make the stewardship of the Word of God its first priority. Other matters may occupy our time and attention, but none are more important.

Unlike the flame of the Vestals, however, the True Light, the light of Christ is not dependent upon us in order to endure. We do not keep the light of the Word alive, the Word keeps us alive. I take great comfort in this. For while the obligation to bear witness to the Word challenges me, I know that God provides all the necessary resources to make His Word known. God has chosen to keep His light burning not in beautiful marble temples but in earthen pots like you and me. God keeps the Word, Jesus our Lord, down to earth, in our hearts, on our lips, as near as a breath, as near as the sacraments, close to the hurts and hopes of the world. And in doing so keeps us in the promise: the light of Christ will shine no matter how persistent the darkness may be.

A blessed Christmas to you!

Published by Pastor Mark Anderson

Lutheran pastor, husband, dad, archaeology nut, serious blues guitarist and aspiring luthier.

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