Equity? No thanks. Give me Freedom.

While standing in line for coffee recently I was in a dreary conversation with a young, postmodern social justice warrior who gave me a lecture on equity and how awful our society is. Is there any place where you can get free of these people? So, I’ve been thinking about this and here are few random thoughts.

The absolute equality postmodern social justice warriors desire would result in no upward movement, no upward achievement, no excellence that is aspired to. Life would be one dimensional, flat, soulless.

The price of refusing to acknowledge or allow differentiation between people is to rob people of what gives hope in this world. That is, the possibility that things may get better, that I may get better. For it is in the struggle and engagement with life’s challenges, obstacles and opportunities that human beings discover purpose and meaning as active agents in the world. And when this struggle is given room to take place, the outcome of peoples lives will vary widely. The grand narrative of human life is precisely that we are creatures who are free to engage the world we are actually in, and in that engagement make choices that will either diminish or enhance life, beginning with my own life

The deadening forces of equity inhibit true human development and empty life of aspiration. We see the residuals effects of this all around us. Speech and action are increasingly inhibited in the name of equity. The insistence that all values be embraced results in a stifled, society where everyone walks on eggshells, taking shallow breaths, limiting engagement with life. In the end, equity warriors could not care less about the individual. Ultimately, the postmodern purveyors of equity, it seems to me, are the enemy of the individual, robbing her of hope and feeding her an ideological diet devoid of the authentic nutrients of life.

We are creatures, individuals, created in the image of God. It is in the unique application of my varied gifts and abilities that I discover what I am able to contribute to this life and, therefore, find a measure of fulfillment and my God-given purpose. But religious faith is not necessary to experience this. Life in the world can give meaning to any people when they are free to engage the world as free and valued individuals. This is true for all people everywhere.

The movement of the social justice warriors to enforce equity upon society is an easy, cost-free project which is fueled by nothing other than a shared belief in a vague, unrealized utopia of equality. I suggest these folks take a look in the mirror instead of casting shade on everyone else.  As individuals the best thing they could do to enhance the world is face the inequities in themselves, work to improve themselves as individuals and encourage others to do so. This might get them off their high horse, bring them down to earth and give the rest of us more ready access to that free air God intended us to breath.





Published by Pastor Mark Anderson

Lutheran pastor, husband, dad, archaeology nut, serious blues guitarist and aspiring luthier.

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