Truth up for Grabs

LICLinda and I recently attended the funeral of astronaut Bruce McCandless at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. You have probably seen the famous photo of him floating untethered in outer space. He was the first human to do so. The technological consensus required to bring this result was based upon the scientific method and its assumption that truth can be known and verified.  If rockets are going to be launched successfully and astronauts work safely in outer space, then reality must be perceived and understood for what it is. Science, after all, is an exploration of the world as it is and not the assertion of fantasy. In the sciences truth is not up for grabs. Something actually depends upon it.

There are many today, however, who assert that truth is up for grabs. They would never apply this ridiculous assertion to the sciences, of course,  (they want their cars to start, airplanes to land safely and the lights to go on) but in every other area of life Truth cannot be determined. One opinion, worldview, cultural stance, morality, religion, etc. is equally as valid as any other, with one exception: the problems facing the world are all the result of the toxic blend of western society, the Enlightenment, racism, white supremacy, colonialism, capitalism, Christianity and Zionism. This ‘collective truth’, that no one is allowed to question, is the default mantra being chanted in college and university humanities departments in all the countries that have inherited western, Christian civilization; America, Canada, Australia and Europe. Our young people are being disabused of any positive regard they hold for western society, it’s literature, religion, and institutions. The academy has become the chief instrument in advancing what one has called the “culture of repudiation.”

The churches have also been deeply affected by this postmodern mantra. The Christian college that I attended in the early 1970’s has become one more standard bearer for the relativizing of truth in the name every form of inclusiveness and equality. Their publications, which used to carry something of the traditional Christian message, now barely gives lip service to the faith. The name of Jesus Christ (who at one time was boldly and joyfully proclaimed to be “…the way, the truth and the life,” hardly warrants a mention. Instead we receive a steady diet of articles extolling Isalm, Buddhism, multiculturalism, gender equality, victimhood and all the other postmodern fads.

It’s quite an accomplishment. In just a few short decades they managed to transform the Savior of the world, who gave His life upon the cross for all humanity, into a social worker.


Published by Pastor Mark Anderson

Lutheran pastor, husband, dad, archaeology nut, serious blues guitarist and aspiring luthier.

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